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Hi Glen,

I purchased a 19ft. walkthrough from your shop in Centreville several weeks ago,perhaps you remember. I live in Hickmans' Hr., Random Island. I had it out on the water several times now, going back and forth to the cabin. It is a 12 mile run in some of the nastiest water anywhere! I came back from cabin yesterday evening in 30 knot southeast wind and the boat handled excellently!

I am very impressed with it (price, not so much), one must always say that eh.......And also I have about 10% savings on fuel with more speed, so that is always a plus for sure.I have had some good compliments about it from seasoned fisherman and the like also. I was turr hunting off Bonaventure Head yesterday morning when other small boats turned back.Needless to say that I had a wild but safe ride! I felt very confident in the way that it handled. So, from now on, I won't stay ashore because of a little wind,all within reason of course.

Happy customer,
Glen Bailey.

19 Center ConsoleMy seabreeze spent a part of the winter in the florida keys, from the swells of the atlantic, to the shallow flats around the keys and the open waters of the gulf of mexico. It handled it all with the same ease that it handled the Great Lakes.

     – Ross Holland

19 Center ConsoleHi Glen,

Here are a couple of the pics we have of our 19' seabreeze Cabin Cuddy. The boat was purchased after months of reading reviews and talking to owners of all the major nfld made boats. We have been very happy with our decision and are very confident that we bought not only the best nfld made boat, but also one of the best north atlantic sea fairing boats that can be bought.

19 Center Console The boat has seen the waters of Sandwich Bay in Labrador, Nortre Dame Bay in Central, Conception Bay South and Cape St. Francis on the Avalon. From plus 30 cel and flat calm to -25 c and big seas. From family pleasure rides to the coldest eider hunts possible. Its up for the task no matter what we throw at it. Its stability and ability to carry wieght makes me confident to take friends and family in a wide range of conditions. Feel free to use me as a reference for any potential customer that is on the fence.

     – Thanks again, Tyrone Buckle

19 Center ConsoleWinds were calm and i convinced my better half to join me me for a mornings fish on our new seabreeze 1900 wt on lake ontario. the fish were cooperating and we hooked up about 18 fish in the morning lots of smaller chinook salmon but a few good ones that kept the lady on her toes.The wind came up around noon and we cruised home without me having to listen to my better half complain about the bouncing around that the old tin boat boat gave us.

     – Thanks Seabreeze,
        Ross Holland

19 Center Console"If your stomach can take it, my Seabreeze can take it" That's what I tell people when people when they ask about my 19' Seabreeze walk through.

My previous boat was only 16 feet long and as much as I loved it, there were many days I could not get out due to rough water. To me, buying my Seabreeze meant more days on the water fishing and less time on land waiting for the waves to die down.


The aggressive pitch of the bow keeps me dry in the big waves and helps to keep the boat on track 19 Center Consolewhile under power. The full length keel adds a lot of stability in rough water and gives me additional confidence when leaning over the side to release a big fish. Because of the hull design, I'm always comfortable and safe weather crossing another boats wake, making sharp turns or powering home to beat a storm. I really can't say enough about my Seabreeze and can't wait to get back on the water every chance I have.

     – Jason Gallienne